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David J LeMaster's new book is a collection of Baseball Poetry, Useless Trivia, Personal Memoir, and Stuff

Did your friends draw lots to pick you last in PE? Did your teammates throw the ball at you, instead of to you? Did you miss every pitch ever thrown to you? Did you ever fall in love with a game that you couldn't win even if you were playing both sides? Writer David J. LeMaster explores his love and disdain for baseball in this revealing and unusual combination of Baseball stories, personal memoirs, useless but fascinating trivia, poetry, comedy, and stuff. You don't have to like baseball to like this book -- it's about the human struggle for adulthood and a celebration of being alive.

While The Devil Lies WAITING A Horror novel by David J. Lemaster

During the Civil War, the War of Northern Aggression to Southerners, General Elijah Beauregard was heralded, although not within earshot, as a demon. Known for shooting his own men for running from carnage, he had no less respect for his beloved Virginia.

She’d prayed for his demise, yet only received absolution in her own and her child’s death in childbirth. No one else, who dared live in his house, ever died in peace…nor left the premises. Over a century later, and many mysterious deaths and events, he would have his Ginny…again.